Our Services

Chatilly provides a range of services to help you with the full life cycle of conversational agent development. No matter what stage you are at in your Chatbot journey, Chatilly has the experience and people to make you successful, increase customer engagement and improve the user experience.


Chat Grammars

We provide a range of grammars for every scenario covering a range of industries, including Energy, Telecoms, Banking and Finance. You can purchase these and immediately download and install them into you AIML bot. They are fully compatible with a range of AIML bots include Pandorabots


Chatbot Development

We can take your bot idea through to production and operation. From the most simplest bot allowing you to test customer reaction, through to a full conversational agent, Chatilly has the people, experience and tools to help.


Chatbot Code

Full access to the core AIML Chatbot Framwork that powers Porgram-Y and Servus-AI

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Chatbot Analytics

Let us help you understand how your Chatbot is doing, and then let us help you increase engagement and improve the customer conversational experience.


Chatbot Hosting

Wondering how to get your Chatbot into production. With a wealth of experience of hosting bots on AWS, Azure and Google, we can have you up and running in hours, not days or weeks


Chat Demonstration

There is no point being a chatbot company, if you dont provide a demonstrastion of your own chatbot

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Our History

In a previous life we helped build a chatbot for an energy company to answer basic customer questions and allow them to carry out a limited number of interactions on their account. We were hugely proud of the work the team did, the bot was incredibly successfully, saving the company £100,000's in customer support costs and was also nominated for a number of awards, once only being beaten by the Intel Team who created Stephen Hawkings voice system at the 2015 V3 Awards where it was nominated for Technology Project of the Year.

That bot was based on aging and unsupported code and technology. After leaving the company, and to fully understand a bot we decided to build one from the ground up, using the experience and lessons learnt from the earlier versions. This was a greenfield development and resulted in the code that became Program-Y.

We now use Program-Y and the experience and skills we have in Conversational Agent design and development to provide some of the best ChatBots available.

Meet The Team

Chatilly consists of thought leaders, technical experts and conversational creatives, who bring a wealth of experience to chatbot development

The art of a great bot is defined from the very first sentence, through an unrivaled conversation, and to a conclusion that makes the user happy, fulfilled and wanting to return.

- Keith Sterling CEO and Chief Bot Officer